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Case Study

How the Black Information
Network saw an average of
6.5k weekly interactions.


BIN believes in providing '24/7 black
news with a black perspective.'

The Black Information Network, or BIN, is a radio station that was launched under the iHeartRadio umbrella in February of 2020. 

BIN’s mission is to provide ‘24/7 black news with a black voice and perspective.’ I was brought in to help BIN establish and grow a social presence that would drive traffic to their radio station & website.


Writing Documents

Goal 1:

A primary goal of reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram was identified so BIN could become verified and begin sharing swipe-up story links.

Goal 2:

Establish a consistently engaging presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Knowing that BIN wanted its social channels to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything black, I focused on curating and putting out content that would resonate with our following.


BIN's team of editors curated dozens of articles daily. Posting strictly news content could come off as mundane, so we decided to incorporate various content that would engage our following.

Along with black news, I saw it important to post birthdays of influential black figures, historical black facts, black success stories, highlight small black-owned businesses/business owners, quotes, etc.

Influencer Marketing Campaign

How does one reach 10,000 followers in a short amount of time? Well, there are several ways. You could pay for followers, run paid advertisements, or wait patiently for it to organically happen.  

However, one of the most efficient ways to spread the word about a new brand or product is to go the influencer marketing route. And that's is what we decided to do.

BIN is under the iHeartRadio umbrella along with radio stations and personalities that have huge black followings like The Breakfast Club, Power 105.1, Charlamagne Tha God, Roland Martin, as well as several other stations and influential personalities. 

I was able to partner with the social media managers of these accounts in an effort to spread awareness about BIN. I provided promotional videos and other assets that would be shared on these accounts which reached millions.



Analytics drives BIN's strategy to grow its brand online and on social media.

Computer with Graph



increase in Instagram followers
in first six months
total interactions on
Instagram in first six months

Within the first nine months of managing BIN’s social channels, the Instagram channel grew from 2,886 followers to 20.7k — a 616.6% increase.​

I helped drive traffic to BIN’s website by achieving 2,605 ‘link in bio’ clicks over a three-month period (November 2020 - January 2021). These 'link in bio’ clicks allowed followers of BIN to view articles that covered various topics.

Additionally, BIN saw an average of 6.5k weekly interactions (likes + comments) with a total of 174.4k over the first six months.

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