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Case Study

How Sugar's Hair Gallery 
& Spa used social media to

tell their story, showcase their services, and increase clientele. 


Sugar's Hair Gallery & Spa wanted a fresh approach with their social media. That's where I came in.

I was chosen to bring a creative, consistent, and engaging experience to Sugar's Hair Gallery & Spa. The Memphis-based full-service salon & spa was in need of a social media presence that would tell their story, showcase their many services, and increase clientele. 


Goal 1:

Optimize Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Goal 2:

Increase clientele through organic social & paid social advertisements.


Since SHGS had somewhat of an established social media presence, I started by performing a social media audit in order to pinpoint opportunities and what could be done to improve their social presence.

The Facebook and Instagram channels for SHGS were the shop owner's personal pages. I simply converted these channels to be utilized only for business purposes instead of creating new profiles for the business.

Instantly, I wanted followers of SHGS to know that they were a part of a community. I started #SugarsSundayHairTip, Monday morning motivational posts, and posted questions throughout the week to establish a more engaged following. 


Special promotions and giveaways were posted weekly in an effort to bring on more brand loyalists. Content of client hairstyles & nails and merchandise was posted daily to showcase the many services that SHGS had to offer.

Paid Ad Campaign

I worked with the owner of SHGS to set a budget, goals, and strategy for paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Our primary goals were simple: to promote a new service, an infrared sauna, and to encourage current/new clients to set appointments through Facebook's "Book Now" feature instead of calling/texting.

Based on SHGS's target audience, we chose to dedicate 75% of our $1000 budget to Facebook Ads and the remaining 25% to Instagram Ads.

Our marketing campaign was straight to the point. I ran a promotional video of the infrared spa for 30 days and in our copy, we emphasized making all bookings through Facebook.

As a result, 73% of that month's appointments came from Facebook's "Book Now" feature and 11 people booked an appointment for their infrared sauna service.



Driving business growth through the power of social.


increase in total
engagements in nine months


total impressions in first
three months

With my help, SHGS saw an average of 311.99 impressions per day as well as a 9,901% increase in total impressions over a nine-month period.

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